Polarizer is an optical filter with polarizing properties,allows only light polarized in a single direction to pass through, while blocking or absorbing light polarized in other directions. It is mainly used in liquid crystal display modules,to convert unpolarized natural light into polarized light and control its transmission to achieve a bright or dark contrast, thereby displaying images.  


Polarizer is not only widely used in liquid crystal displays, but also be used in optical glasses, 3D glasses, VR, 3D lens and many other areas. 

Due to the different requirements for light transmittance, viewing angle, light compensation, reflective function, temperature, color, and thickness,when using polarizers on different products, we can provide polarizers suitable for different products based on customer requirements, such as: 

TN Polarizer / STN Polarizer / TFT Polarizer / OLED Polarizer 

IPS Polarizer / VA Polarizer / EWV Polarizer / Brightness-enhancing polarizer

Tranflective Polarizer / Transmission  Polarizer / Reflective Polarizer 

OLED Polarizer / 3D Glasses type Polarizer 


With the continuous development of technology, the demand for polarizers is also increasing. As a professional polarizer supplier, we are dedicated to providing customers with high-quality, high-performance polarizer products, as well as comprehensive technical support and after-sales service.


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