LCD Backlight

About LCD Backlight and What Can We Do for You ?

LCD Backlight is the backlight source for liquid crystal displays. Liquid crystal displays do not emit light themselves. Instead, they control the transmission and blocking of light through liquid crystal pixels to display different images. To enable the LCD to display normally, an external light source is needed to illuminate the pixels, and this light source is the LCD Backlight.

LCD Backlight mainly consists of the following components:

1.  LED lamp beads: LED lamp beads are the main light-emitting devices of LCD Backlight, emitting white light as the backlight source.

2.  Light guide plate(LGP): The light guide plate is the core component of LCD Backlight. Its function is to uniformly distribute the light emitted by the LED lamp beads to every pixel of the liquid crystal screen, making the entire screen uniformly bright.

3.  Reflection film: The reflection film reflects the light leaked from the bottom of the light guide plate back into the light guide plate, improving the efficiency of light usage.

4.  Diffusion film: The diffusion film spreads the light passing through the light guide plate more uniformly across the liquid crystal screen, improving the display effect.

5.  Enhancement film: Also known as a prism film, its function is to concentrate the light, increasing the brightness of LCD Backlight.

6.  Backlight board: The backlight board is an important component of LCD Backlight. Its function is to assemble various components such as LED lamp beads, light guide plate, reflection film, diffusion film, and enhancement film together to form a complete backlight system.

In addition to these components, LCD Backlight may also include other auxiliary components such as a power supply and driving circuit to achieve functions such as brightness regulation.



We can provide the entire LCD Backlight in various sizes for different brands of LCD screens, as well as individual components of LCD Backlight. We can also customize LCD Backlight according to our customers' requirements.